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Cassava flour

Cassava Flour MOCAF (Modified Cassava Flour with fermentation).
The process of making cassava flour is carried out through fermentation. Fermentation reduces the amount of cyanide acid which causes a bitter taste, thus producing flour with characteristics that can be used as an ingredient in various foods, such as pasta made from cassava flour, almost the same quality as wheat flour.

native Tapioca starch

Tapioca Starch Is starch From Cassava Tubers. Tapioca starch Is Often Used As A Raw Material For Making Sauces, Vermicelli, Etc. And Is Also Used In Non-Food Industries Such As Paper Mills, Textiles, And charcoal briquettes. Native Tapioca Starch Available With Viscosity 600-800 BU.

Tapioca Boba pearls

Our Tapioca Pearls Are Available In Various Flavors and Sizes. For Special Sizes, Please Contact our Sales for Further Customization.

tapioca residue

tapioca residue / onggok powder is a waste product from the tapioca starch manufacturing process and contains little starch. Can be used for animal feed, mosquito coils and incense.

cassava chips snack

Cassava chips snack are a food made from thinly sliced cassava and then fried using cooking oil with a delicious aroma.

dried cassava chips

Dried cassava chips in Indonesia are also known as gaplek. Dried cassava chips are washed and dried in the sun, and the drying process for our products uses the direct sunlight method and using a drying machine. Can be used for animal feed as a concentrate and can be extracted into gaplek flour.
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